Basciani and Sons provides wholesale millwork to lumber yards throughout the United States. Trim, casings, moulding and whatever is required can be customized to meet specific yard requirements for inventory or special projects. Basciani and Sons has earned a reputation for high-quality craftsmanship for replicating profiles of historical millwork from many different time periods.


Basciani and Sons provides high-end craftsmanship and takes pride in offering you a very personalized and expert set of residential construction services. All projects are important regardless of their size. Basciani and Sons expertise includes all phases of both design and build. Basciani and Sons remains fully committed throughout your project until it is delivered to a successful end that meets all of your expectations.


Basciani and Sons is expert in the restoration of form, features and preserving the character of a property as it appeared at a particular period of time. Often Basciani and Sons is called upon to remove features from other periods in a structure's history and then establish its original design through reconstruction of missing features from the restoration period.


Basciani and Sons brings 40 years of continuous business operations to each of its construction projects. Now in its third generation the company has amassed an enormous amount of commercial expertise having worked on literally hundreds of commercial projects. The company always ensures a holistic quality approach in every aspect of your commercial construction project.

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January 17, 2011
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December 19, 2010
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At Basciani and Sons, we are striving to provide up-to-date information on our commercial renovation, construction and residential services. Check back often for updates on millwork projects, insurance reconstruction projects or interesting residential projects, and other areas of interest.


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Greg Hallet, Architect ll – Onondaga County Department Of Facilities Syr. NY
“Basciani & Sons recently completed a window replacement for Onondaga County on the Erie Canal Museum in Syracuse, New York. The work entailed the installation of 48 very large windows on one of our National Registry Historic buildings. Basciani And Sons demonstrated superior skills and sensitivity for our project. The work was completed 4 weeks early and without one callback.”
Dan Ward - Curator Erie Canal Museum Syr. N.Y.
“We were completely satisfied with the project undertaken by Basciani and Sons on our 1850 Weighlock building during the fall of 2011. Being a protected landmark listed on the National Register of Historic places and home to the Erie Canal Museum, it needed special care with respect to the Historical detail. Due to our very tight museum programming schedule, we needed a contractor that would be sensitive to our daily visitor population as well. Basciani And Sons completed the project in a fraction of the estimated time while providing both high quality products and workmanship. We found their crew to be very easy to work as well as exhibiting a very high degree of professionalism; They are at the very top of our list.”
Michael L. Maxam- Architect
“Basciani & Sons consistently thread comfort throughout the project team. From structural framing to high-end custom millwork, I trust their experience, craftsmanship and impeccable attention to detail. They continue to bring the owner’s dream into reality."
Andrew and Corey Ayres - Central New York
"Being in the military, and a father of three, one of my greatest fears is that something will happen while I'm away. At one o'clock in the morning, and many miles away from home, my wife phoned to tell me that a huge oak tree in the midst of a terrible wind storm fell on the roof of our home causing extensive damage to both the interior and exterior of our home. Basciani and Sons responded immediately, and eased any worries that I had. They worked seamlessly with our insurance company , went to work quickly on our home, and most importantly made sure my wife and children were taken care of."
Chuck Miller, Treasurer - Pulaski, Wesleyan Church New York
"Basciani and Sons did an outstanding job on the renovations of our children's ministry center at our church. Their creativity and high end - quality workmanship turned a dark, old fashioned fellowship hall into a bright and lively space for our children's ministries that has become a major attraction in our community. They met all cost and schedule requirements on a tightly - timed project. I would recommend them to other churches for any new construction or renovation work."
Mike and Vicki Famazzo - Central New York
"Wanted to drop you a line regarding all your work building our maple kitchen cabinets. My wife and I are extremely pleased with the quality of the cabinets you provided us. Thank you again for all your assistance."
Ethan and Amy Sleeman - Western New York
"After experiencing a deviating fire to our home and losing everything, it was recommended we call Basciani and Sons to replace our home. It wasn't long before we picked up on their high level of creativity and knowledge of home building. They responded with a house plan that was both attractive and well within our financial budget. We continue to receive many compliments on our home and couldn't be more pleased. They worked with us from start to finish producing a home that we can enjoy for many years to come."